Defined, healthy looking lips can improve your overall appearance and bring a youthful gleam to your facial features. You can achieve an effortlessly luscious pout by visiting Lindzee Kennedy at iObsession for permanent lip treatment in Orem, Utah.

Permanent lip treatment erases the need for daily lipstick application and the risk of smudging your lip makeup throughout the day. Infusing your lips with color can help them appear fuller and effortlessly sophisticated. Permanent lip treatment is designed to improve:

  • Lip symmetry
  • Colorless or darkened lips
  • Thin lips
  • Reduced definition

Your esthetician will help you select the right pigment to complement your skin tone and provide a healthy blush of color across your lips. When you visit iObsession for permanent lip treatment, Lindzee will work with you to select the best color choice to meet your preferences and goals. You are welcome to bring your favorite everyday lipstick to help you choose a similar color. Lindzee utilizes a special machine to distribute long-lasting pigment that will give your lips a full, defined look. You can wear your newly colored lips bare or with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.

To learn more about your options for permanent lip treatment, contact Lindzee at iObsession. Call or visit today to schedule your consultation!