You no longer need to struggle with mascara to create the desired length and volume of your eyelashes. Lindzee Kennedy offers high-quality eyelash extensions in Orem, Utah, to help women like you achieve effortlessly beautiful eyelashes. Call or visit iObsession today to learn more about your options!

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the following styles:

  • Classic Eyelashes: The classic look offers a subtle enhancement that mimics your natural lashes, adding length and volume to make your eyes pop. Classic extensions are a great choice for women who prefer minimal, yet noticeable, makeup.
  • Cocktail Eyelashes: Similar to volume lashes, cocktail eyelashes provide length and volume, though in a “staggered” formation to produce a more dramatic and textured effect. This option comes at a separate charge due to the different extension styles required.
  • Volume Eyelashes: The ultimate red-carpet look, volume eyelashes fan out across your lash line to provide maximum results. They are the longest, thickest option for extensions.
  • Bottom lashes: Your iObsession esthetician can provide eyelash extensions for your bottom lashes to create a completed look.

For more information about eyelash extensions, please call or visit iObsession. As a trusted esthetician with a commitment to quality, Lindzee will go to great lengths to help you achieve a stunning, whimsical eye. You are welcome to call and schedule a consultation to learn how eyelash extensions can enhance your natural features.