Your eyebrows serve as the point of balance for your face, acting as a natural framework for your other features. Sparse, missing, or unshaped brows can throw off the balance of your features or make your face appear washed out. Esthetician Lindzee Kennedy can offer you a second chance at beautiful eyebrows when you visit iObsession.

Eyebrow enhancement is an excellent choice for women who wish reshape or revive their eyebrows. It can also benefit individuals who suffer from alopecia, or hair loss. Lindzee offers two treatment styles to help you achieve the natural, refined look you desire:

  • Microblading: One of the most popular eyebrow treatments, microblading uses color pigment to create realistic hair strokes. Your esthetician will strategically place fine strokes in sparse areas of the brows to deposit color into the skin. The result is precise, natural-looking brows.
  • Powdered technique: If you like the soft effect of cosmetically enhanced brows, you may prefer the powdered technique. Your esthetician can use pigment to mimic the appearance of brow makeup for a permanently bolder look.

Prior to beginning your brow treatment, you will sit down with Lindzee for a thorough consultation regarding your cosmetic goals and treatment options. Lindzee will help you determine the best style, method, and color to complement your facial shape and skin tone.

Whether your eyebrows are sparse, missing, too light, or misshapen, you can accentuate them with eyebrow enhancement for a natural-looking effect that will define your personal look. Contact Lindzee Kennedy today to learn more about permanent makeup for eyebrows in Orem, Utah.