Scheduling and Treatment Policy


I love my job and love making all of you feel and look amazing!! To provide the best possible service for my clients, I do ask that my time is respected, as well. I want to accommodate as many of you as possible, and for people who are serious about their appointments, I would like to offer the closest appointments that I have available. Here are some things I would like all of you to read prior to scheduling with me:


  • Wash off all makeup before our appointment. Cleaning off makeup in your lashes takes time away from our appointment, and the bond will not set as well if I clean instead of you.
  • I will now only schedule new clients with a booking fee to hold their appointment spot. Booking fees are $50 for permanent makeup and $25 for lashes. This will be applied to the service as long as you show up to your scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I need at least 48 hours advanced notice so I can offer the slot to another client. Click here to learn more about paying your booking fee.
  • If you schedule an appointment and don’t show up or don’t cancel within a reasonable amount of time, you will lose your scheduling fee and be responsible for half of the scheduled service. If it happens again, you will not be welcome to make another appointment.
  • Paying the scheduling fee for the appointment is acknowledging that you understand the pricing and the rules and that there are no refunds once the fee has been paid. (With reasonable notice we can move appointments if something comes up!)
  • I do understand emergencies occur, and I try to accommodate you. Please keep in mind, though, that my prices and quality are very competitive, and it is only fair that you are serious about your appointments and keep track of them. I will do my best to remind you the day before!


Your new eyelashes become your responsibility, to treat as you see fit. It is up to you whether or not to take my advice on cleaning, wearing no mascara, and avoiding certain eye liners that will break the bond of the glue. Please note that for a fill, 50% of lashes need to still be intact to count for that price. Some people need to come at 2 weeks and some at 3—it varies for many reasons between people. Skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare play a huge part.


  • When it comes to doing brows, I am very picky and strive for perfection. However, please keep in mind that eyebrows are sisters, not twins, and nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical. Bones, skin, muscle, and fatty tissue determine the topography of the face, and it varies from side to side, which means PMU can never be 100% perfect. Embrace this asymmetry because it is what will make your eyebrows look natural.
  • If you plan to bring pictures of someone else’s brows (e.g., a famous person or a picture off the internet), please take into consideration that the exact brows may not look the same on you. Every face is shaped differently, and I tailor a great brow to fit the face you have by measuring and taking the time to draw a beautifully natural brow for your face. Please be patient and have realistic expectations, and this will be great for you!
  • If you are hoping to get identical or “perfect” eyebrows, I cannot promise these results, as certain eyebrow styles and symmetry do not work with every face. Anyone who has come to me knows how picky I am at providing you with the best brow shapes for your facial structure.
  • Brows are a two-step process. During the first appointment, we set a foundation to determine the outline and shape of the brows. The second appointment is necessary for defining shape and putting in the extra little strokes where the brow shrinks up.

Coupons/Special Offers

Coupons and offers are only valid if you notify me when you schedule your appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment, please contact me in advance so that your session can run as smoothly as possible and we can create the right look for you. Thanks so much, ladies!


Please keep in mind when scheduling your appointments that permanent cosmetics is not for everyone, and clients’ results can and will vary. On the rare occasion, the product may not take to a client’s skin. Some clients may also need to come in for touchups more frequently than others, due to lifestyle or medication factors. Each touch up is accompanied by a minimum product fee, and these fees vary by appointment and product. As your permanent cosmetics professional, I will assess your skin, medications, and overall health during the initial consultation to determine if permanent cosmetics is right for you. However, due unique skin types and other factors, I cannot guarantee that your results will be as expected, and for this reason the treatments are NON REFUNDABLE.