Eyeliner is the quickest and simplest method to instantly enhance and illuminate your eyes. However, it can also be a nuisance to apply and reapply on a regular basis. Lindzee Kennedy, a licensed esthetician, invites you to visit iObsession for an alternative to temporary eyeliners.

Permanent eyeliner can replace your cosmetic products and provide you with defined, striking eyes that you do not need to wash off at the end of each day. In particular, permanent eyeliner can benefit women who:

  • Struggle to apply eyeliner because of poor eyesight or unsteady hands
  • Are allergic to many cosmetic products
  • Are too busy or wish to avoid applying makeup on a daily basis
  • Have trouble finding quality eyeliner that will not smudge
  • Want to look great with little to no effort

Lindzee utilizes a special machine to distribute long-lasting pigment along the upper and lower lash lines. With the assistance of your esthetician, you can decide the width and color of your eyeliner for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change. Lindzee considers your eye shape and color at the beginning of the appointment, and never begins treatment until you are satisfied with the selected choice.

Please keep in mind that for safety purposes, Lindzee does not apply eyeliner to the waterline.


Permanent eyeliner can be worn alone or with commercial cosmetic products. You are welcome to contact Lindzee if you have questions about permanent eyeliner in Orem, Utah, or if you would like to schedule an appointment.